Thursday, January 23, 2014

Art As Social Justice

Over the last few years I have been creating artwork
with a social message.  This is a jacket that I painted and decorated which
addresses the subject of poverty and wealth inequality in the USA.

"End Poverty NOW!" hand painted jacket
by Lorraine E. Leslie 2013

Graph on front of the jacket shows the Actual Distribution of Wealth in the USA

"End Poverty NOW!" hand painted jacket (back)
by Lorraine E. Leslie 2013

We Don't Need Coins. We Need Change
(Attached nickels, dimes and pennies to jacket)

"So what is the solution to the poverty of so many American working people?
Ten years ago the standard liberal wish list - a higher minimum wage,
universal healthcare, affordable housing, good schools, reliable public
transportation and all the other things we, unique among many
developing nations, have neglected to do.  Maybe, as so many
Americans seem to believe today, we can't afford the kinds of public programs
that would genuinely alleviate poverty - though I would argue otherwise.
But at least we should decide, as a bare minimum principle, to stop
kicking them when they're down."

-Barbara Ehrenreich 2011

"End Poverty NOW!" hand painted jacket (detail)
by Lorraine E. Leslie 2013

Wealth Inequality in America
Lorraine E. Leslie showing jacket @
Angel Wynn Studio Santa Fe, NM
(photo taken by Daria)

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